WD TV Live & WD My Book Essential dosen't work together

Hi there

I can’t get those things to work together. I always connect the external hd directly to my WD TV LIVE and that always worked for me. Now I got a new external HD, My Book Essential 3 TB, but my WD TV Live dosent registrate it when I connect it to it’s USB port. Does any one here have any idea what I can do to get this working as it used to be ??

Or is the WD TV Live not compatible with the new My Book Essential ??

I Hope that one of you can help me :slight_smile:

thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

It should work, just be sure to have the latest firmware version. 

hi again.

I have the latest firmware for them both.

when i connect the My Book Essentail to my WD HD Live i can hear the my book starting, but nothing happens. and i’ve tried both usb ports on the wd tv live :frowning:

maybe my wd tv live is to old ?? 2 years ??

How about when  you connect the My Book to the computer? 

Computer there is no problems. Copied lots of avi, mkv files on My Book. Can play them on my computer… But not on the wd live