WD TV Live vs. Synology DS210j -> Mediaserver doesn't play anything

I have bought a WD TV Live last week and a DS210j this week, with 2x 1.5TB disk in RAID1.

I enabled DLNA, which works great with my Vista and XP pc’s. But with the WD TV Live, I cannot play one single movie.

If I choose a movie via Network Shares, it’s working for about 25% of the movies:

  • Never can use the DVD menu’s. If I play from VTS_01-0.VOB and file 2 or 3 is the Menu, it is displayed, but I cannot choose anything at all. If the Menu has music or animation, it can take to 2 or 3 minutes, until the next scene is played.

  • If a movie has multiple languages, like Cars, it has special scenes. For example when the Piston cup won by Doc is displayed, it has dutch text if I choose Dutch. But WD TV Live, simply skips this scene, even in English, until after the end of the movie, each single language scene is displayed. (so you see the piston cup.

  • If a scene is malfunctioning, I cannot view any movie at all (all black)

I am very disappointed in the WD TV Live player!

Another issue:

  • If I fast forward for a few minutes in a VOB, of only 6.28 minutes long, it randomly starts somewhere if I press play. Even if I fast forward 2x. (Only thing I can do, is play and wait …)


I have the same hardware. After a series of tests I found out that the DLNA of the Synology does not work with the WD (also no playback of Photo slideshows) and even more disturbs the functioning of the network shares (stuttering in DVD playback when using DVD Menus, with the new BETA Firmware of the WD). So I switched the DLNA off and use the Synology only as Network Share. Now everything works fine (including the DVD menus). I am pretty sure that there is a better workaround, but I got tired of searching and the only thing I am missing now ist the Internet Radio of the Synology DLNA.