WD TV Live USB problem

I have connected one USB drive to rear of unit with no problems. When I connect second USB drive to front I cannot access it. Front light now flashing continuously although media library is turned off.

Does the same drive work if you plug it into the rear USB port?

also have you checked your sources to see if it shows the front drive?

if you don’t use media library you have to change sources each time you want to use the other drive.

if you turn media library on you will be able to browse content on both.

I tend to see the flashing when I plug in my second drive (I don’t use media library), eventually stops though. thats just the SMP aggregating your content and is normal. do the flashing eventually stop? how much media do you have on the drive?

same problem in both usb ports. same problem with a nas now. 1gb data work fine on any other system.

never stops flashing until i disable media libary then i cn browse fine it is just a media library problem but i purchased he unit specifically for that. i could estable disk browsing for a 1/3 the price.

same problem no matter what usb port. same problem with nas. is media library only i.e i disabled i can browse and use normally. however i purchased the unit or media library. if i wanted just to browse and play files i could have found a much cheaper solution nb 1gb data only

I think I read some posts where others say the same thing about it taking forever and then not working properly.

It’s possible a future update will fix this.

you could always downgrade to a previous FW and see if that works until a new update hits.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV

Got response from wd support “We do apologized for all the inconveniences, we understand your concerns, we advice our customers to disable the media library, because this can slow the process to read the information.” Not really helpful. Why ship product with feature that is not useable?