WD TV Live Themes

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but are there any themes with movie sheets for this device? All the ones I keep seeing are for the hub and I didn’t know if they were compatible.

that’s what i was asking myself … the whole day >_>

after hours of research some answers:

  • theoretically they are compatible, but not to 100% (some bugs may accour, some menu links not right etc.) so every

theme has to be moddified to work well on WD Live devices

  • the famous mojo theme already has its WD Live version just some threads bellow


  • it seems that you may can change especially moviesheets on the device without any themes as far as i understood, but

no guarantee on that. getting my Live tomorrow to experiment with that

Did you purchase your new WD TV? Which one did you end up getting?

Most of the HUB themes work on the SMP (streaming media player).

Just try them.  Not that some of the ZIP themes have extra ‘stuff’ in them that you first have to take out.  The Themes forum under HUB has details.

I’ve had great success with Mojo and Anodized.