WD TV Live Streaming unit stops responding to the remote during or after a movie

My WD TV Live stops responding to the remote. This seems to occur by the end of a movie. I pull the power plug from the back of the unit to reset it and it works long enough to start a movie, but once the movie has finished and I want to watch something else I have to pull the power from the rear of the unit, restart it for the unit to respond to the remote again. I’ve changed out the batteries of the remote (even though I’ve only had the unit for a few weeks) and this problem continues. My connection is basic, my WD TV Live is connected directly to the TV via HDMI cable then my WD external hard-drive is connected to the WD TV Live unit via USB cable. THis seems to happen continuously and that just doesn’t seem right.

Freddie, are you also connected to a local network?   If so, try unplugging it from the network to see if the issue resolves. 

If it does, it’s a symptom of a mysterious bug that is affecting other people.


Mine works fine, but my brother just got one, and SAME ISSUE…after about an hour, the remote just stops working…unplugging unit allows for the remote to function again for about an hour.  

New batteries were no help.

Same basic set-up…only a hard drive usb’d into the player and the player hdmi’d to the tv.  No network and no wifi.

If you resolved this, PLEASE HELP!