WD TV Live Streaming Media Player showing black & white jumping picture

I turn on my WD Player TV Live and it only showing a black & white jumping picture during the load screens. I bought another composite AV cord and still same issue. I read past forums and they suggested to troubleshoot the problem was to use the reset button underneath the unit. I did that a couple of times but that didnt work…

Any other suggestions? 

Try toggling between PAL and NTSC mode by HOLDING the reset button for 10+ seconds.

I tried holding the reset button at least four times at 10 sec, still didnt help

Which media player model# do you have?  Do you have the WDTV Live SMP that does NOT have component video, or do you have the WDTV Live HD or Plus which DOES have component video?

If you have the latter, make sure the video cable is plugged into the correct 3.5mm jack on the back of the WDTV.

Also, unless you bought the cord from WD, it probably will NOT work.   The pinout of adapter cables is not standard, so you need to ensure you have the one furnished by WD.

I have the Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player with Built-in Wi-Fi - WDBGXT0000NBK. Its been connected and working for months. I just turned it on the other the day and this is when I started getting this jumping black and white picture.

The adapter cable I purchased is from a WD dealer. I am not sure what else is wrong with the player. I have done the reset buttons and made sure the cable is plugged in the correct holes.

…but you say that AFTER the load screens the picture is normal?

If so, then for whatever reason, the PAL / NTSC switch (reset 10 seconds) isn’t working.

What happens after the load screens. Can you see the GUI menu screen with the clock on it, is that jumping etc. To reset you must do it from this screen (player fully booted up). Press the reset button for a second or so and then release, the player should reboot on the release.

Can you try it on another TV just to eliminate that as the problem.


Ht the reset button on the menu screen and immediately stop jumping. Thanks for your advice. Very helpful

To all reading:

Tony is right on about the WD A/V adapter cables.  They are WD player-specific and the only ones that work are the ones that came with the new unit.  (I know for sure, because I have tried three different brands and none work w/ WD player.) 

Anyway, if you need a set of these, someone, somewhere bought up a lot of them and is selling them on eBay at a fair price.  I got a pair that way for a spare set and they work.  They are the genuine WD cables.