WD TV Live Streaming Media Player doesn't play DVDs over WiFi Network


if I play a DVD which is in my PC’s DVD drive, the audio mutes after a few seconds, and the video is stuttering.

The other way round is working, i.e. if I use “Media Player Classic Home Cinema” on my PC to play a DVD ISO file which is on the USB drive connected to the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

In both cases, the video data is transferred over WiFi (54 MBit/s). In the first case however, there are transferred 1.4 MByte/s (= 11.2 MBit/s), in the second case only 0.4 MByte/s (= 3.2 MByte/s) (according to the Network graph of Sysinternal’s Process Explorer). So the bandwidth shouldn’d be the bottleneck.

Any ideas? 

I’m a bit confuse with your post, you are trying to play a DVD that is locate in the DVD player of your computer, through the network, to the WD TV? No a Rip of your DVD that is located in your computer HDD?

same situation, same problem

I want toplay a dvd in my pc

it starts, but then after few seconds the audio disappear and the video scrolls…

I have only problems with WD TV Live