WD TV LIve streaming from slinbox solo

Why can’t you do local streaming on the slingplayer without internet connection?  I’m connecting my WD live player with ethernet cable to the same switch as my slingbox pro.  The signal freezes and loses sync.

I have the same issue but I suspect this is the SlingBox app - it is connecting as if it was a remote client, and connects back to public (Internet) IP address - so if this s down, it don’t work :(. It would be great if this could be fixed to use local LAN, like the windoze player.

Update:  Just spent a frustrating time looking through the SlingBox support forums for something related - zip, zilch, nada :(.  Hopefully (I know, I know) WD will work with SlingMedia to improve the app to allow a local connection setting, like the old Sling Player program does (which I have on all my PC’s and which instantly uses the local LAN as opposed to out of the internet and back in again).  Shame - I bought my Slingbox on the back of WD releasing this feature on the SMP’s.  It would help (perhaps) if the mods could confirm who is responsible for supporting and/or developing the Slingbox app on the WD - is it WD, or SlingMedia?

The SlingPlayer is developed by Sling, not WD.  Is not possible to use it without Internet since an username and password needs to be authenticated. 

Hi Vadir2, Thanks for the update re app dev. Re the 2nd item, I think you may be missing the point I was trying to make - I’m not saying remove the Internet access, what I’m suggesting is either a manual option or an auto discover for the SMP to work out its on the same LAN as the SlingBox and so go direct.

Just little bit know about “WD TV LIve streaming from slinbox solo” not much familiar with that.

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