WD TV Live & Spotify Bug/Feature - Spotify paused as it is used elsewhere

Often when I play spotify with WD TV, I like to update the playlist via my tablet as it’s so much easier than the WD TV interface.
This is particularly common when I host a party and people want to add music to the playlist.

However, sometimes a song is accidentally started on the tablet, causing WD TV to stop, and it posts the following message:

“Spotify has been paused because your account is being used somewhere else.”

This brings up 1 bug and 2 improvement suggestions:

  1. When I press OK, it returns to playing about 50% of the time. Sometimes it takes a few clicks of “OK”. Sometimes it just won’t get rid of the dialogue. I can press OK 100 times and it goes for a flash and instantly returns. So I have to reboot. Then it is fine. I know the other gadget is not connected at that time, so it is solely a WD TV live fault.

  2. A useful feature from Spotify would be the ability to lock in to one device so that all others are blocked; or at least an ‘are you sure’ button pops up before starting on a new device.

  3. WD could enhance the WD android app to let me control the playlists from my tablet.

Ultimately it looks like this won’t matter to me as I’m getting a bluetooth -> audio adapter so that I can stream music directly from my tablet in to the TV. Maybe the quality will force me back to WD TV. But with feature 3 I’d stick with WD TV.


This sounds more like an idea, Try posting this in the Ideas section. Our development team reviews these posts on a regular basis, to see the most commonly requested features by our customers.