WD TV Live sometimes doesn't read MKV files

Hello I have a WD TV Live that only sometimes doesn’t read .mkv files.
In these cases the round arrow stays forever. The only solution is to disconnect the power (not to shut down, it doesn’t work) and power again.
It can happen that the same files are read without problems, let’s say, 4 or 5 times, and then the problem comes back.
.iso and .vob files are always read without any problem.

Is there anyone able to tell me how to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Does this happen randomly, or is it triggered by a particular movie/video?

It happens randomly. I can watch a video many times, but at a certain point the player is not able anymore to read .mkv and .mp4 videos.

Anyway, If I ‘restart’ the player it works again.

With .iso and .vob files it did never happen in years.

I’m having the same issue…since the most recent firmware update. If I reboot the unit it will work until the next day and then has to be rebooted again.

I’ve been having the same problem recently - and it’s not just MKV files, it is ANY files, including music or photos. The device is able to read the USB HD or thumb drive and show the media files that are there, but when I try to play any of them, the round arrow just keeps going forever.Disconnecting power seems to bring things back to normal.

It only started happening recently, so it may be related to the newest firmware.

I’ve been having this happen a lot lately. I get the message:

“Unable to play the selected file. Please check the user manual for a list of supported formats”

Yet the file (mkv) plays fine on the computer, and can be burned to disk without issues. This started BEFORE the latest firmware, and is making me want to look for a different streaming device…