Wd tv live smp Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T-Stick - DVB-T receiver set up help

got this wd live smp on version 1.12.14

im trying to connect the haupagge win nova t usb stick in the usb to see live tv channels

the stick works in win pc

but not in the wd box

how to connect it


the dvb-t is 70019 revd1f4

and wd box model is WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN

not sure if that is posible since the Media player doesn’t have an options to run a third party app that is not already preloaded.

no you are not right here

have a read here


Can you see the hauppauge service in the live tab?
Can you run the service on the player.
What happens when you plug in the stick to the usb port and run the hauppauge service.
You need a good aerial connected to the stick.

i doesnt have any live tv app in it

nothing happens when i connect the win nova t stick to it

how do i get the app haupauge on my live smp

 i am running 1.14.09 firmware

the tv tuner shows as usb ptp class camera

but nothig else

In the user interface at start up you should see tabs labeled music, photos, videos etc. One of these tabs is also labeled something like Live TV. If you click on that tab it should show you the Hauppauge service together with slingplayer etc.

Works for me on 1.14.09 though I still don’t get why a network connection is necessary.