WD TV Live + SiliconDust HDHomeRun Extend 2 HDTC-2US DLNA?

Does anyone have any experience using the WD TV Live with the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Extend 2 HDTC-2US? I saw the dual-tuner on sale for $99 at Newegg today:


and was hoping to use DLNA support to stream local TV channels to my WD TV Live players.

Last year I tried the HDHomeRun Dual HDHR3-US tuner but had no success, even with the tuner firmware version released yesterday. Note: I’m not sure that combination was ever *supposed* to work, i.e. Silicondust never said that one supported DLNA streaming.

I had no problems getting my WD TV Live to talk to the Serviio DLNA server, so I have some evidence that it might work, but I hate to flush another $100 down the tubes.

My WD boxes are on FW 2.01.86 because the 2.02.32 release caused other problems, but I would try the newer release again if it would help.

Even if you don’t have any experience with my specific proposed configuration, I’m open to educated opinions on whether you think it would work.



In theory, any DLNA-complaint media server should be able to broadcast a compatible stream. I have seen online media been streamed into a WDTV, but I do not know if someone has tried with a TV turner. 

Good theory. We’ll find out hopefully next week b/c I went ahead and ordered it. Or I’ll have another toy sitting in my pile of stuff I *should* put on eBay whenever I get around to it… :wink:

This seems to work pretty well, for anyone else wondering.

So far I’ve got a few hours into watching it on both FW 2.01.86 and 2.02.32 and they both seem to work. There are occasional hiccups that seem to be due to OTA TV signal, but the buffering that is done by the WD box seems to help a lot. I have better results watching the TV on WD than on the HD View program that came with the tuner (which does not seem to buffer any data).

Anyway, as far as the DLNA “compatibility” issue is concerned, looks promising.

FWIW, both my WD boxes are connected wirelessly so I’ve been kind of pleasantly surprised that I’ve had good results. I was concerned that throughput might be an issue with the HD stations.

What settings are you using on your HDHomeRun Extend 2?  I attempted to stream to my WDTV and am getting a “Unable to play selected file.  Please see the User Manual for a list of support file formats.”

I am running firmware version 1.06.43_V.


My firmware is 20141124 on the HDHR and 2.01.86 and 2.02.32 on the WD.

When I go to watch TV on the WD TV Live, I go to the Files menu, then select content source “Media Server” then find the HDHR and then two “folders” appear, Channels and Favorites. I go into Channels and my TV channels are listed. My WDs will play these streams. After selecting a channel, it usually takes about 15 - 45 seconds for it to start playing. I think this is due to WD buffering.

Thanks for the response.  My older gen WD TV Live will NOT play the HDHomeRun streams, but the gen 3 WD TV Live will.  Too bad WD stopped providing updates for the older gen box.