WD TV Live setup help

I want to set up an old tv in a room with not cable/coaxial wall connection.  I have an RF modulator that I had planned on using to connect a DVD player to this tv just to use for movies.  However, I’m wondering if I would be able to connect the WD TV Live box to the RF Modulator instead.  So basically it would be tv to rf mod. to wd tv live.  Would this work?


This is something Western Digital has not tested. In theory, the modulator should be able to accept the lowest possible compatible resolution it can handle, however, this does not guarantee actual compatibility.

Without spending any money to test …

If you’ve got an old VCR laying around you could try connecting that via RF to the TV

And if the VCR has an AV INPUT plug the WDTV Live into it select AV or AV1 on the VCR

I was able to try the hook-up last night.  And it was so simple, i feel like an ■■■■■.  I ran a coaxial cable from the 1983 Zenith tv to the RF Modulator and then plugged the composite cables from the WD Live box to the RF Modulator.  Worked like a charm!  Thanks for all the help.