WD tv live router compatibility

We have Verizon fios as our Internet provider, would anyone know if the WD devices, specifically the live hub will be compatible with the router that Verizon provides? I took a look at my router and the only reference I can find that may be the type of router it is is ACTIONTEC ?!?!?! Also, I was going to use this as my setup: Two WD live hubs, that will stream videos from a WD external hard drive. I have an iMac with 1tb of space but I do not want to clog it up with videos. I plan on backing up all of my current videos using handbrake, and any digital videos I purchase in the future would be stored on my external drive. Any tips or advice on this setup? Is this ideal? Thank you

It’s most likely an Actiontec MI-424WR.

I have FiOS with that router; It works fine.