WD TV Live Randomly freezes

I bouight a WD TV Live at Offoce depot about two weks ago. It seemed like it could not go more than about 15 minutes without freezing and the whole screen turning to snow. I returned it to Office Depot and got another one. It seems to have the same problem. I have another one that I bought about six months ago at Frys and it does not have the problem.

In all three cases, I upgraded to the latest firmware when I first installed it.

Any ideas?


Make sure the media player is in a well ventilated location. Overheating might be the cause of this issue. Also try a reset and/or power cycle.

Thanks, but I have already tried both of those solutions.

Sometimes I am forced to power cycle the box when it freezes, but most of the time it will still shut down with the remote.

Also, the both WD TV Lives that I bought at Office depot have the exact same problem.  The one I bought at Frys does not have the problem. All three boxes have the same firmware version (The latest).

I have noticed that the my remaining Office Depot box has a much lower serial number than the Fry’s box.

I wonder if this was fixed in later revisions.