WD TV Live Plus

I have tried going through the threads and I’m not having a lot of luck with this.

Does anyone know if there is a beta firmware or if there is going to be an update soon to the firmware that came with the WD TV Live Plus?

I seem to have issues with the MP4s stuttering and if I try to change the Audio source the show or movie races (plays fast) and then when it slows down the audio is out of sync.  If I encode it again in a MKV container it works fine.

Thanks to anyone that can help!

There will be an update to the Live Plus firmware soon but I don’t that it will cure your problems.

Is there any listing of the issues that may be covered in it?

Any updates about Live Plus firmware??

It would be nice if mp4 files or m4v files with ac3 audio tracks would stream in surround on hdmi, not to mention if you select options to change an audio track in these AV containers would actually work. This being looked into?

If an MP4 file has an AC3 track you should be able to pass it through to a decoding receiver – just select “digital” in the audio/video properties.

Mike,  AC-3 has never worked within MP4 or M4V containers for any of the Live units.  

You get audio but it’s downmixed to stereo.  It won’t pass-thru any surround tracks at all for those containers AFAIK.

AC-3 pass-thru only seems to work for MKV and, oddly enough, AVI.

Really?  That’s odd – I could have sworn I had surround sound when I first started with the Live and MP4 (then again, I had so many sync issues with MP4s I quickly switched to MKV containers).

In any case, MP4 is really passe’ for use as a container (for one thing, it doesn’t support DTS).  And since it’s dead solid simple to convert (using MKVMerge, for example) I’m not sure why anyone would still use them (oh, I guess those who want to purpose their files for both the Live and an iPod, for example, but I’ve never quite understood why folks want to watch movies on a 2x3 inch screen.  TV Shows, maybe :>)