WD tv live plus

I have 2 of thesae units.

Suddenly the network lights do not go on  when cable plugged in and there is no network connection-it is as though the netwok module is dead

It shows no connection in the setup menu and they are not seen on the network

Other networked units-computers etc- are connected and working

I installed a new cisco router

Any ideas?

Try resetting the unit

use a different port or Ethernet cable

Thank you for your rapid response:

I have reset the units-by pressing the rest button

I have changed cables- I have connected directly at the router-

The units show up on the HDMI connected TV with the full menu availbale but----

The units still say cannot connect to network

and the lan lights are not, on either on the unit or the corresponding jack at the router.

It is as though the LAN module is dead-but onnn 2 units–at the same time?

That’s what it seems which is weird