WD TV Live Plus vs USB HUB


I have a WD TV Live +, as you all know it only have 2 USB ports, my 2 WD hard drives my book 1TB, and my my book essential  2TB are already full, I’m kind of a Storage Freak so erasing is not really an option. 

Have any of you guys experimented with an USB hub so i could buy another HD? Would it work fine with my media player?.


PS: where can i find the WD live +  and WD live Hub compatible for netflix in Dominican Republic?

PS2: Excuse my english

USB Hubs do work, but you can only attach ONE DRIVE to to the hub.  

So it’s useful for, say, a Keyboard, HD, and WiFi on the same port, but not multiple drives.

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I’ve e-mailed WD and they’re currently checking if it works or not.  If it does your problems may be over.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Steve W

As long as you are looking at purchasing more storage, have you considered a NAS instead? You won’t need to keep your drives all hanging off the WD TV Live  anymore. I use a Dlink DNS323 and it works great (the builtin media server is an added bonus that works with the Live Plus as well).

I sent an email to WD and im still wating for a solution… can any body tell me an efficient way to stack HDD and still use my Live Tv + ?  and how should i set it up