WD TV Live Plus Third Party Firmware

Any WD TV Live Plus Third Party  Firmware that can bring back the normal Youtude and get Netfix on my wdbaan0000nbk-00

for info on wdlxtv custom firmwares

head over to the appropriate forum www.wdlxtv.com

You may get back the old YouTube but you will not get Netflix as your model is the basic live and not the Netflix enabled live plus.
You can get the old YouTube by rolling back the firmware, there may be a risk but I assume that it will be the same as installing 3rd party firmware.

It will not roll back

Did you follow the instructions and download the correct firmware?   You do not have the Live Plus, so don’t try that firmware…


matthvm wrote:

It will not roll back

How to do this is written many places in these forums.  Even last night, I wrote it up again.  See this thread:


Thanks I got the  rollback to work .

Cool.  So, which version did you roll back to, and for which player – Live or Live Plus?

From his first post, it was a standard live.

WD TV Live (WDBAAx0000NBK) HD Media Player

Firmware Ver. 1.06.15_V

Post here to support the return of Youtube classic:


I never was a fan of the original WD YouTube and haven’t even seen the new iteration.  That said, forget about any WD YouTube if you have a tablet or smart phone.  I have been using Twonky Beam app for about a month now to stream YouTube and other media to my WDTV and/or Roku via an iPad.  I can stream from basically, my complete YouTube account – subscriptions and all. TB has quickly become one of my “Top 5” apps!