WD TV Live Plus Theme and Video Configuration


I’ve been searching the forum and found no answer. Maybe somebody can help me (excuse my english please).

I just bought my WD TV Live Plus and i have this questiones:

Can I change the wallpaper or the theme of the user interface… is it posible? if possible how may I do that?.

If i put my in my Video/Audio configuration the output in HDMI (Auto), that means it will change from 720p to 1080p depending on the video format?.

If my TV support 12bits, should i put it on 12 bits regardless of the video quaity?


No, you can’t “theme” the Live Plus with the stock firmware from WD.

HDMI (Auto) won’t change depending on the video… the WDTV just asks the TV what resolution to use and it stays set for that until you change it.

Choosing 12-bits is not necessary when all your video files are only 8-bit colour – they won’t look any better (or any different) if set to 12-bit.


That means that i could put my HDMI settings to 1080p (with the top HZ availble) and the 12 bit configuration and if my tv display video it means im all set up?


I would recommend all the above, save that you probably shouldn’t use 12-bits; it is likely to cause color distortion (you may see a purple or green or pink interface that makes the UI barely readable.  Stick with 8-bits to avoid any problems.  Your ripped movies are all 8-bit, anyway.  In other words, caveat emptor!