WD Tv Live Plus slow after pc starts or comes out of sleep

I have had a WD Tv Live Plus for a couple years.  It was connected via a netgear router with cat5 then to a Windows xp computer with a shared external USB hard drive.  It worked great.  I recently upgraded to a much faster windows 7 pc.  Using same router and external USB drive I have issues with the WD tv live menu’s being very slow now and the unit locks up alot and has to be shut off and on.  If the computer comes out of sleep or is turned on the WD tv live takes forever to be able to read the video files or navigating menus I usualy end up unplugging the WD tv live and plugging it back in.   I’m thinking there must be some windows 7 setting to speed up communication between the PC’s shared drive and the WD tv live?   

What firmware are you using? Your Windows should not affect the speed of the interface of the device.