WD TV Live Plus sees Media Server but won't connect and play media

I recently bought a WD TV Live Plus HD to work in conjunction with my WDTV Live Hub. The hub is setup on one tv and is fully functional. I have the Live Plus setup on another and it is fully funcitonal except for one issue. It will not play media from the hub when I try to connect to it as a Media Server. It does work when I connect as a share but I don’t want to set it up that way.  It see’s the hub, it’s listed as a media server but when I try to view the content on it I get an error that says it’s not available on the network. Again, both devices are absolutely on the network and fully functional otherwise. Other devices recognize the hub’s media server just fine so I’m assuming it’s an issue with the WD TV Live Plus setup.  Just not sure why it won’t connect to the hub as a media server. I do have both the devices in the same workgroup. Hopefully it’s something easy and thanks a bunch.

Nevermind, It seems to have cured itself and is working properly now.