WD TV live PLUS, problems with menus from DVD files

I’m using the TV plus to play mainly DVD’ back ups from my  hard drive (vobs and  ifo). They usually have menus eg episode 1 ,etc. The player allows me to navigate to some parts of the menu and then locks up. My popcorn hour has no problems navigating the menu selections. Has anybody else had problems navigating to menus using the Plus ??? If the folder contains only a single movie, there are no problems, it’s just navigating menus.

Have you tried to convert the files to an .ISO format? Also, from what I remember, DVDs have to have a specific file structure for them to work on the unit. Have a look at the structure of a physical DVD and attempt to reproduce it with your files.

Ya I would recommend ripping to .ISO. About the same file size but it’s one file and it works great on m live plus :slight_smile: