WD TV Live Plus - Netflix HD not 16:9

Is it just me or does Netflix seem to be stuck at 4:3, even for HD content. My Display doesn’t have a stretch function and its rather annoying that things are out of proportion. Even if I could though, this doesn’t really sound like a good solution (since some movies, and TV shows actually are 4:3).

Did I miss a setting somewhere?

What kind of display do you have?   Are you COMPONENT or HDMI (or composite?)

I experienced the same (If not a very similar issue):  See if this matches:

On my LG Panel, I can set the aspect to 16:9 MANUALLY and it works fine.  Ordinarily, I have it set to “Set by Source”, and when I do, it behaves like this:

If I config’d the player as Widescreen,  Netflix 4:3 content shows up as 1:1  (Yes, it’s SQUARE.)   Netflix 16:9 content shows up as 4:3.    ICK!      

   If I confg the Plus as “Normal” screen, then Netflix shows 4:3 content just fine (it’s Pillarboxed)  and 16:9 is both Pillar and Letterboxed, but at least the aspect is correct.

So, all of my panels have the ability to set the aspect ratio specifically (on Component inputs), you don’t actually want to STRETCH.     After setting mine to 16:9 MANUALLY, I have had no reason to change it to anything else.

It does not appear there are any settings associated with the Netflix module, so it’s best to verify the following…

Main Screen> Settings> Audio/Video

Video Output Setting: Component or HDMI

Resolution: Make sure you match your panel you didn’t mention what you have so try 720p for starters

Aspect Ratio: Make sure you’re on widescreen

Are you able to watch other media on Widescreen?

I just ran a test and watched a few minutes of a movie in my queue, went to HD and wide with no problem, right now in fact I’m watching Beetlejuice and the stream is perfect HD and wide no issues, this may be a movie you might want to test with since I can confirm that it’s in HD.

Let us know what you find.


I have a fairly old Westinghouse 42". The WD TV Live Plus is connected with Component. Unfortunatly, this display doesn’t have any useful aspect settings. Is has “Normal” and 'Fill" (which overscans by a bit).

So is it safe to assume that due to this sets age it’s at best a 720p panel? That said what other sources are you running in to the unit that are HD? Are we sure it’s not an EDTV panel only capable of 480p or can we be sure via other content into the component in’s that this is an HD set?

I don’t have any old panels in my home all are fairly new and capable of 1080i or 1080p so I have nothing to go on to help in this case, but when you boot up your WDTV Live what does the input on your TV display? I know that with mine when I turn the box on, the Tv displays the input on the screen with the resolution, by the time the box is fully booted, the menu’s are all 1080i and in full HD, might be something that could clue you in if your panel does this.


Funny enough, Beattle Juice was the movie I was watching when I posted this.

I do have all the settings as I expect them, and I can play widescreen content from my own library. After doing some more experimenting I discovered that “Fill” on my TV seems to do the trick with Netflix. Its still kind of a pain though, because it overscans and cuts parts of the menu’s off so I have to switch back and fourth depending on what I’m watching.

Iombana, yea its a 1080p display. I also have a Blu-Ray player (HDMI), and XBox 360 (Component) that work just fine at 1080p.

I said it one post up, but I just realized the “Fill” seems to fit the conent to the screen, just with some unfortunate overscan so that will tide me until WD/Netflix fixes the output and/or I replace the display.