WD TV Live Plus Audio Buzz and Loses Picture

I have a TV Live+ with the latest firmware. When I installed the firmware I did the standard resest  to default settings by using the menu and then using the little reset button and then left it unplugged for a while. IO have it connected to an LG LCD TV with an hdmi cable and the audio goes through the hdmi to the tv only.

I sometimes leave the WD powered on all day and just turn off the LG TV if I am not watching it. I am not sure if **bleep** is better to turn it off periodically.

What has happened a few times if I will be watching either YouTube or a video file and I will get a horizantal green wide stripe in the middle of the screen. This will happene for a second and then I lose picture. I then cycle power and the picture comes back. This has happened a few times and I think it happens if I leave the WD on all day.

The other thing that has happened a few times is that I will get a buzz sound. This happens when I am navigating menus, not when I am watching videos. Turning it off and then back on seems to cure it. This also seems to happen if I leave the unit on all day.

Is there a problem with leaving it on all the time or am I just seeing a coincidence? Have other people seen this problem?


I frequently leave my Live Plus powered on, sometimes for a week at a time. I am doing this because the WD box keeps powering up set at 720p which my TV does not support…so I leave it on so that it will stay set at 1080i. I have never had a problem releated to leaving it on all the time (except that I am wasting electricity by leaving the WD box and the wireless adapter that is attached to it on all the time when I am only using it for a couple of hours a day).

When you set it to 1080i are you setting the color space or leaving it at auto?

johnvic wrote:

When you set it to 1080i are you setting the color space or leaving it at auto?

When I set the hdmi video output to 1080i 60Hz, I also set the colorspace to RGB Low. If turn the WD box off, the next day when I turn it on it usually comes up set at 720p (which my TV does not support) and the colorspace comes up set at RGB High.

This is one of the very annoying problems that I have had with the Live Plus ever since I purchased it in August. I have tried every firmware release since 1.03.29 (including the Betas) and they all do the same thing.

Even though I have set them manually, the WD box does not remember the video resolution/frequency or the colorspace value when powered off/on.

…Sorry for going off topic, but you asked.  :smiley:

I have done some further testing. The display disappears but I can still ping the WD, I have the ip address set statically. So it has not full crashed but seems to be losing display. Also,  swapped the hdmi cable with the cable I use for the cable box, which has had no problems. But it is not the cable, because it just crashed again while watching a movie. 

I am going to switch to using component next, rather than hdmi. 

I am having a similar problem. On one TV, I can run the thing just fine off a USB drive. On another TV (and the one I intend to use this on), I can use it for 3-5 minutes before it craps out. I’ve tried all three connections, none seem to be any more reliable than the next. The box locks up totally, no audio or video and it doesn’t respond to a ping.

When I get the green flash and the display disappears I can still ping the device.

My hdmi has died. I’m guessing I have a bad hdmi output.