WD TV Live Plus and playing archived MTS files

Hey Group, hoping someone can help me with this. I have had a Live Plus for a while now, and over the past year or so accumulated quite a bit of HD video footage that I have backed up to hard drive(s). Now, when I go to search by date or go into the listing of clips to look at and then ultimately play to TV, the player always takes me back to the BEGINNING, the first clip that was archived on the drive…It will let me go into the listings of files, but when I select it, it always takes me back to the first clip archived. Anyone else familiar with this? I have hours of footage, and to always start at the beginning and fast forward to where I would like to be would be too much…any ideas?


Providing more details such as the Firmware and settings of your WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player will allow more users to better help you.