WD TV Live Plays ONLY VBR MP3 Audio Files !?

I juat found that WD TV Live Media Player can Plays ** ONLY ** the VBR coded MP3 Files !

But the Question is WHY it doesn’t play the originally MP3 file ?..it makes some noise sound while playing them and it will be COOL if it can play it as any Other Audio Device!!

Please, Forward this Message to the WD team to make it in the Next Firmware update. 

First off, that’s a lousy choice of fonts…

Second, there’s no problem with CBR coded MP3s.   I have 20 Gbytes worth, coded anwhere from 32kbps to 192kbps without a single issue.

Most of my mp3’s are CBR and they play just fine. There must be something wrong with your files.

I have a similar issue but it happens with any type of MP3 ranging from 128 to 192kbps, some CBR, some VBR.

The MP3’s play fine on my iPod and my Windows 7 machine.

Something is bugged.