WD TV Live - Optical out with analog setting

Hi there. My first post over here. I got a question related to the audio settings and outputs of my WD TV Live.

In short: What does the WD TV Live do with the audio signal whenever the settings are set to ‘analog’ and the output has an optical s/pdif cable connected?

The situation:

  • 2.0 stereo amplifier

  • WD TV Live, connected via optical s/pdif to an DAC (V-DAC), 2.0 analog to the amplifier.

  • settings set to ‘digital’

This solution works perfectly, sounds really good. But, whenever I want to play a movie which has DTS (and probably dolby), this does not work. Because the V-DAC is not capable of decoding the DTS signal, a lot of ‘rubbish’ comes out of the speakers. I have to change the settings to ‘analog’, and then everything works okay.

Now my question is, what does the WD TV live player, do with the audio signal.
This is what I think it does: Decode the DTS into 2.0 analog signal, and then convert this to a digital signal to sent it out over the digital optial s/pdif. This would mean a huge loss in signal quality… And this is what my DTS music (concert) movie sounds like. Awfull bad…

What is your experience?

If you set the WDTV to “Stereo,” it will send 2-channel (downmixed) audio out ALL outputs simultaneously; HDMI, Optical, and Analog.  This does not work with ALL audio formats, but it does work with most of them.

If you set it to anything else, it will send multichannel audio out ONLY the output you select.

Thank you for your reply. With the reply in mind I experimented a little, but I think it is not entirely true. I can choose between analog, digital or HDMI. When it’s set to digital, it sends out via the toslink/optical (digital) and via HDMI (digital). Both digital, but not only via the toslink/optical. Not a problem at all.

Currently looking into a nice solution to get good DTS sound on my 2.0 stereo amplifier. WIll be difficult, I guess! :slight_smile:

I just updated to the last firmware, and I have a new problem. The WD TV Live won’t play some of the SACD flac files. It seems it only occurs with the 88khz files. 48 and 96 khz is no problem at all.

I selected digital via optical, and clicked all settings (dolby, aac, dts, wmv).

Strange problem… I certainly did not have this problem before the firmware update.

Is this a known problem, and more importantly, is there a fix?