WD TV live not playing movies - device bricked?

hi all,

sorry if this has already been discuss but i did not find any post to solve my problem.

i had the player for over a year now and overall i am satified with.  all of a sudden i am unable to play movies i used to play, i can’t stream youtube also.  it is like the device is bricked!  i can see the menus and the movie title but it’snot streaming.  the device is connected through ethernet.

the strange thing is that when i reset the player, it works.  when switch it off and on again…back to step 1.  bricked!

is there a way to hard reset the device and wipe everything and start all over?

or any other solution?  is it hardware or software?

thanks for your help.


Aldo, if you have had your WD for a year then you are in the wrong place.  This section is for the very recently released WD TV Live Streaming player or what some people are calling the WDTVLSMP.

You should post in …


There are way  more posts and people reading them in that forum than here.

sorry about that.  i must have missed the notice saying so.


No problem.   Its WDs fault actually.   They decided to call the new box Western Digital TV Live.   Sound familiar?   Its like they purposely tried to confuse the marketplace.

Since there are way more users on the other forum, you are more likely to get an answer.