WD TV Live not filling screen with HDMI

I apologize if this is the wrong spot for this. I have a problem that I can’t figure out. When my WD TV Live starts up my TV says it’s in 720p and it is filling the entire screen, however after a few seconds the media player restarts without getting passed the boot screen and then starts with the TV reading 1080p and then the media player isn’t filling the screen anymore and it is noticably cutting off the edges (the moon on the top of the screen in 720 is no longer visible in 1080). I am convinced it is not my TV as it starts up fine in full screen, however I cannot seem to find any settings to change and fix it.

My TV is a Vizio 39" E390VL if that helps. I looked through the user’s manual and nothing was really mentioned about it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I’m a little confused by your question. 

Is picture not filling the screen or is it overscanning (image is bigger than the screen)?

You can check to make sure the aspect ratio is set correctly (pg 16 of your TV’s manual).

You can also change the display setting on the SMP.  Go to Setup / Appearance / Screen Size Calibration.

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Yea sorry I meant it wasn’t filling the screen. And thank you so much the screen size was at 85% so i set it to 100 and it works perfectly!