WD TV Live No video


I would appreciate some advice .  My WD TV Live will not play any type of video file from my  WD Elements external hard drive.  When I select the file it  attempts to play but  all i get is a black screen . The info pane can bee seen and  I can fast forward and rewind.

Regards Gozzer

What version of firmware is on your Live?

Also, please post the MEDIAINFO (in text) for one of the files that won’t play.


The firmware version is 1.04.31V and as  some who is new to all of this where would I find the information about the file?

Regards Gozzer

At the link I provided in the previous post.  ;)

I am really sorry but i don’t understand what i suppose to do

I  have  just tried a USB flash drive (FAT32) and the recodings play as would be expected with no problems. The elements was partitioned yesterdaty using easeus  I guess the problem may be threre?

Seems unusual, but yeah, that’s where I’d look…

Did you format your Elements as NTFS?

Yes 3 ways   NTFS, EXT3 and FAT32. The recording that won’t play is FAT32 same as the flash drive. I should say that the previous partition was NTFS and FAT32 done form windows XP and  I had no problems. 

fat32 isn’t really appropriate for large drives.

NTFS should work fine.

Just  borrowed a laptop from my neighbour and VLC won’t play the files either

Just copied files from my pc in both Fat and NTFS and they played without probelm. I did howver connect the drive to mt HDR recorder and  they played ok there. The pc files showed as AVI howver thes rest including the flash drive show as TS.  So  I have to be honest and say I have no Clue!