WD TV Live Networking

I have multiple Drives in my PC and though I’ve had results accessing the main drive by “Including in library”, I cannot access any of the other drives (or folders) using the same method. The drives are all contained within the same desktop PC and aren’t connected externals. At best the only recognition WD TV Live gives me is the drive location, but then gives a “No Media Found” message when trying to open the location (The folders and subsequent files are all marked as “Shared”). Have been tearing my hair out for a while now, just trying to get some access and just tried the DLNA (“Include in library”) method with this limited result. I am running WIndows 7 Bit and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Well, first the obvious.  Make sure every folder you are trying to share is sharable.  Not to leave anything out I include “everyone” and “guest” as people that can share my folders.

One thing I did that really helped is bring up my C drive.  On the left side choose “libraries” then “video” and deleted everything I had in there.  Then, after right clicking every folder I wanted to share and making sure “everyone” and “guest” was included, I dragged each one or “added” each of those folders to my video library.

Advice I just got last night made a huge difference.  You have to have the latest version of DivX 7 on your pc.  Somehow it helps WD Live see the MKV files they didn’t see before.  Before I could only see my shared folders thru “Media Server” and now I can see them thru “Network Shares”.