WD TV Live Network Share : How many user / password stored

Hi, i’ve just bought a WD Live TV and a NAS DS210j Firmware : Firmware DS210j = DS210j synology_88f6281_210j_1157.zip Firmware du WD Live = wdtvlive_1_02_21.zip I have a Win seven x64 with one network share On each i’ve created one account called : WD with it password The same on Seven x64 and DS210j When i switch on the WD, the network config is set to automatic login, i have to wait severals time to see the Win Seven share but i can see For the Nas it is fast I decide to access to WinSeven share, so i select the share then i’am prompted to enter login/password (WinSeven share) : i do it then i get access to the share Then i decide to view Nas share, so i select it, but i got Access error to this share ! certainly because i am in automativ login in WD network settings When i set to off Automatic login, i have to re-enter at each time user and password ! What is strange is that i use the same user/password for NAS or Windows share but in AutoLogin it didn’t work !!! Is it normal !? Is there a way to use the Autologin with NAS and Windows at the same time without having to re-enter the user/password ? Many thanks

i ve got the probleme with two pc, wd retains only the last log/pass. --Also, the log/oass of the 2 pc are the same !! --with the firmware 1.01.17, there is no probleme !

this is resolved for me with the 1.03.22 P-R firmware