WD TV Live Mediaplayer USB extension issues

 If I connect my usb flash drive directly to the device, it works fine. But since I don’t wanna ruin the usb port on the device by constantly removing and inserting flash drives, I bought a usb 2.0 extension and that way I just ruin the extension, but WD TV won’t recognize my flash drives if I connect it through an extension. 

Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it somehow?

It should work. Try a different extention cable. It sounds like the one you have is either broken, or has some incompatibility making connections with the WD box.

I have tried it with two different extensions (I even bought one on purpose) and three different flash drives.

What length extension are you actually trying?  The longer the cable, the less juice available at the end of it for USB-powered devices.

Extensions tend to work fine for things like hard drives that have their own power supply, and don’t rely on USB power (since the data signals are low-current so there’s far less voltage drop to them).

USB-powered hard drives, like WD’s Passports, tend to not work at all with cables longer than 18", because of the voltage drop on the 5 volt line.

Unless you’re using a very short extension (like 18" or less), I’d guess that the flash stick simply doesn’t have sufficient power.

Ok, the shortest one is around 18".

So what can I do?

I just want to be able to connect a 8GB pen. Is there any of those which doesn’t require USB power?