WD TV Live Media Player Firmware 1.01.24 or 1.01.17

I have 3 PC’s with video files that I network my Player to. The Login IDs and passwords that I use to login with are IDENTICAL on all 3. But, try as I might, I can’t seem to get my player to REMEMBER the three (same) IDs and passwords which means that EVERY TIME I ‘leave’ a machine, log into another (and/let alone - ‘come back’), I am FORCED to reenter the SAME login id and password over and over again…


I understand that this is a ‘bug’ that surfaced with 1.02.21 (I’m pretty sure it USED to work for me with earlier firmware) and so I would like to downgrade to either 1.01.24 or 1.01.17. (A forum search seems to confirm this).

Can anyone advise me as to where I might be able to find and download these releases from? (Unless someone can outline how to get the ids and passwords to ‘stick’ (be remembered)?


Have you tried this