WD TV Live keeps hard drives running even when turned off

I noticed that even when I turn off the WD TV live, the hdds connected to it are still running.  Is there a way to have the hdds power off when the machine powers off?  I turned off the network share so I no longer see the device from my computer hoping that would help but it didn’t.

Any help would be appreciated!


They stay on because you’re putting your LIVE in STANDBY, not OFF.

If you want it *OFF*, then EJECT your drives, and hold the power button down for more than 3 seconds.

Thanks for the help!

I think the standby mode is really quite intelligent.  I find with mine that even when I put the SMP in standby, my USB HDD powers down also.  If I browse to the SMP’s network share from a PC while it’s in standby, the HDD will spin up and be accessible which is really quite handy.  But until then, it’s powered down and consuming little to no power.  My HDD is externally powered so I’m not sure if a drive powered from the SMP’s USB would power down as well.