WD Tv LIve hub

I’m a french customer of WD device a bought a WD TV Live Hub approx 1 year ago.

Since one month , I got problem with it . When I switch on my device I got a first window  on my screen, then a second one showing at bottom LOADING but after 10 to 15 seconds the device switched off .

I read a recent question/answer probably for the same thing , saying that the problem is due to power cable.

Somebody can help me ?

Not the power cable, the power switch.  

Suggest you RMA it.


If you haven’t already tried, reset the WD TV Live Hub. There is a small button under it.

Si vous n’avez pas déjà essayé, faites un “reset”. Il y a un bouton sous la boîte à enfoncer avec un stylo.