WD TV LIVE HUB + Smart Phone?

I am going to purchase a HTC EVO 4G smartphone today that runs the android operating system. Now let it be known i’ve never ever owned a smart phone, and hardly ever used one (still using a LG Dare from years back)

But i’ve been doing alot of reading on the phone, and seen some posts on here about smart phones abilities with the HUB. Just curious what all i will be able to do with this new phone?

1.) Is there an app i can download that will allow me to stream my video recordings/pictures off my phone wirelessly to my HUB so i can see them on my TV? And what is the name of that app?

2.) I remember seeing a post that there was some kind of app that allowed you to use your phone as a remote, is this app free and what is the name of it also?

3.) What other apps will allow me to do cool stuff with the HUB that maybe i’m not even thinking about or even thinking is possible?

I can’t answer all of your questions but I’ll provide same basic info.

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant on T-mobile) with an app called AllShare. I’m not 100% positive but I think it is an app only native to Galaxy S phones. Once connected to a wireless network, it scans for network devices. It then gives you the option of (a) playing a file (video, music, or photo) from your phone to another device (must be a DLNA device) (b) playing a file from a server on your phone or © playing a file from a server to another player via your phone (once again, can only play to DLNA devices). The hub is a DLNA device so if you select to play a file on the hub from your phone it will interrupt whatever is going on currently and override it with whatever file you instruct it to play. Your phone becomes the controller and you can easily control the video/song/slideshow with it.

It should also be noted that if you choose to play a file from the server on your phone, the types of files it can play are limited by your phone. For instance, my phone can pretty much process any video, but unfortunately there aren’t any phone media apps out there yet that can handle the audio that most of my movies contain.

  1. Not sure if AllShare exists outside of the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones.

Hopefully this can be a starting point for others to add additional info.