WD TV Live Hub & QNAP TS219P+

Hi all,

I’m using a WD TV Live Hub and just recently purchased a NAS. I have all my media in my NAS and would like my WD TV Live Hub to detect the hard disk on my NAS via ethernet with no connection to a hub/router/switch. I already set the IP address on my WD TV Live Hub to the same one that I’ve set on my NAS along with the username and password. Unfortunately I still couldn’t detect my NAS through my WD TV Live Hub.

Could some one please help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

Hello Luciferhawk.
Your setup will not work. Both your WD Live Hub and NAS require to be connected to a router/switch and be assigned a unique IP address.

Cheer :slight_smile:

CoolDude is half right.  :)

You CAN do it, but you will need to:

   1- Set your QNAP to be the MASTER BROWSER.  It’s in the MICROSOFT configuration tab.

   2- As CoolDude said, you need UNIQUE IPs for both the Hub and the QNAP.

But I don’t know why you’d want to…  you’re throwing out all the other advanced functionality of both units by denying them access to your home network…

Thank you CoolDude & TonyPH. I will try to set my NAS to DHCP and have the WD at DHCP as well…hopefully that’ll work.


No, DHCP won’t work.   If they’re connected to each other, there won’t be a DHCP server to answer the requests, unless you configure DHCP services on the QNAP…

Hi Tony,  I’ve set my NAS on DHCP and connect it to my WD using a router. I was able to read and play my media files that are stored on my NAS using this method from my WD till now.

Earlier today I shut down my NAS, and when I returned home I turned it on again. Now I’m unable to access the usual folder that I play my media files and the system only says “There’s no media in the current folder”

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


there’s gonna be trouble using the initial method you wanted, it’s not supposed to work like that. Wth the router, what may have happened is that you set a specific IP address to the NAS and then set the HUB to correspond to that address. When your NAS powered down and powered back up, it’s most likely that your router assigned it a different IP address, which is what happens in most cases like this. Items don’t always maintain their same IP address that the router assigns to them unless you go into the router settings and manually set it so that the NAS will always be given the same IP address by the router, and same for the hub. For example, I’ve got a Netgear DGN3500 Gigabit DSL Modem/Router, and when I access the router via firefox or explorer or whatever you want by entering the default gateway (Router’s IP address) into the address bar, it takes you to a setup menu. The actual words and labels may be different depending on the router manufacturer and the software it’s using, but after logging into my Netgear router, I click on LAN Setup on the left-side menu where all the configuration/monitor options are, and here it lets me manually set up the LAN address (Router’s IP and Subnet Mask), control Router as DHCP server, and finally, Address Reservation.

Address Reservation lets you permanently assign an IP address to a device through the ROUTER, and not through the device itself. Through the router is what you want to do to get your setup to function properly. It will show a list of your connected devices or just an “Add” button, which will take you to a list of devices connected to the router. Each device will have its own row on the chart, with one column showing IP address, another showing the device name (WDTVLIVEHUB) and another showing the device’s MAC address. Set up a reserved address for both your NAS and the Hub by selecting either one first and adding or establishing it’s reserved IP address, then doing the same for the other device (and you can also do it for all your other computers/etc connected to the router if you ever access them via IP address and want it to stay constant). Once this is done, you can set all the IP settings on the devices themselves to Auto or DHCP. The Hub will then find the NAS on the network, connect to it automatically, and maintain the connection without ever giving you problems because the IP address of the NAS isn’t changing. When you set or reserve the IP address through the router, it will maintain the same address even if the device gets disconnected or shut down or anything that would remove or compromise the connection to the router, and result in the router giving it a new different IP address when it powers back on.

Just out of curiosity, why were you against using a router/switch in the first place? They’re dirt cheap and only provide added benefits, advantages, flexibility, and accessibility.


Thank you for the reply. Initially I didn’t want to use the router/switch due to the fact that I don’t have enough space from my power outlet  LoL.

So what are you saying is that I should assign the IP address on my NAS to be on static whilst my WD TV Live through my router will maintain using DHCP?

I’ll try that later tonight, hopefully it’ll be able to read my folders again.

Thank you