Hello, I have a TV LIVE and few days ago I’ve also buyed a TV LIVE HUB but sadly I’m not satisfied about the PQ of this new media player… not so good as the old TV LIVE… Why? Can be solved in the near future with a firmware update? Thanks!

can you quantify your remarks rather than just pass an opinion without any background?

I can’t see how the same chip could possibly be outputting a different signal from decoding the same video stream.

Connect both players to your tv via hdmi at 1080p and then compare using the same mkv file… If you don’t note any difference in resolution I’m in the wrong place!

Resolution?   Both set to 1080p?   No, I can’t tell any difference.  

Can you take pictures and post them?  Is it that noticeable that a picture would show it?

watching a few movies on the HUB I notice no difference than watching on my LIVE…they both look great on my Samsung plasma