WD Tv Live Hub: PAL or NTSC? Netflix support in Latin America? HDD support?

Hi! Sorry if the question seems so stupid, but what the difference is between WDBABZ0020BBK (NTSC)and WDBACA0020BBK (PAL)?

As I understand, if i connect my tv to it with RCA and my tv support both modes (PAL and NTSC), any of the two models will work in my case, or not?

Is because the live hub have the option to store content from the tv?

Another thing, is there any live hub model that will work with netflix in Latin America?

Last question, this hub allow for disk replacement in case of failure? Does it has a 2.5 or a 3.5 disk inside?

Thanks in advance!

NTSC supports Netflix

As you say all hubs can be set to NTSC or PAL so I don’t know why WD quote the standard. 

The hub only does Netflix in north America and not Latin America or elsewhere. There is a special live plus that does Netflix in Latin America and that’s it. 

The chip is different in the north american version to allow Netflix etc.


I believe the 2TB hub has a 2.5" WD green drive.

Thank for your response mate!

So the disk inside is not a 3.5, that’s a pitty.

One last stupid question, Is there anyway to use North America Netflix with one of this hubs if being in Latin America?