WD TV Live Hub Pal/NTSC


I’m considering in buying a WD TV Live Hub and saw there are different models for PAL and NTSC.

While my TV supports both formats, will the WD TV Live Hub handle both PAL and NTSC movie formats that I load onto it?



Thanks.2 more questions:

  1. How do I load movies?
  2. How do I load subtitles (srt format)?


Thanks for sharing this with me.
Last question if I may - does it support hebrew subtitles including don’t and right-to-left direction? I couldn’t find the answer in the manual and wanted to verify that before I purchase e device.

I don’t know.   I don’t speak Hebrew. 

AFAIK it’s not possible so you would have to convert SRTs to bitmapped subs like VobSub with AviAddXsubs or something similar.

It does support Hebrew (Windows - 1255).

I tried this sub


and it worked.

thanks very much!