WD TV Live Hub Organization


I’ve tried searching for the answer for this and have mostly been unsuccessful with the results. When I add movies to my WD TV that have sequels, I like to keep them in order as I’m mostly OCD with organizing my media. When I download the content info, it also changes the name of the movie and they will be spread amongst the other movies. For example, in my adventures folder I have all the Harry Potters listed in order with a number like Harry Potter 1: The Sorcerers Stone, etc. With the content info its just Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. And some of the sequels will appear First. Is There a way to fix this without removing the Content info?

Thank you for your time.

Edit the TITLE within the XML and rebuild the media library.

Thank you very much I will try that.

That works when viewing the info but has not changed the actual name back to what it was. So it remains out of order. Unless i missed something. I turned it off and restarted it as well. Do you mean by ‘rebuild the media library’

Thank you

*What do you mean by ‘rebuild the media library’?


It will rebuild after doing that.

Okay and that will not be erasing anything right?

It won’t erase your content, but it will erase CONTENT INFO and rebuild it from the XML files.

Favorites, WATCHED Status, and Ratings will not be restored – they’ll be gone.

Works great thank you!!