WD TV Live HUB Improvements

Right now I think the WD TV Live hub is a neat product but I think it still needs a few updates to make it as make as user friendly as the live (and therefore more main stream = more $ale$ of what is essentially a NAS/Media player unit).

  • Ability to change files names
  • Bookmark network locations not just internal storage
  • Complete power off option (without holding for 3-5 secs)
  • In movie option button brings up hud like previous WD TV’s which was out of the way and therefore less intrusive and less of an obstacle during playback while still accessible.
  • Localised weather system for people outside of USA
  • Music interface improvement, right now it’s quite boring and not really appealing to leave on your TV while listening to music. 
  • Copy & transfer files in the background so you can continue viewing. Otherwise it’s a matter of waking up when no one else is around and do all your transferring then… not family friendly
  • SSH enable.

These are just suggestions that a couple of people in my family agree would make the product better so apologies if there are already solutions or methods of doing them.

Quite passionate about this product and would like to see it do well :slight_smile:

The HUB does ALL of what you’re describing except the power button, vizualizations, and SSH.

What would you need to do with SSH anyway?