WD TV Live Hub - have to reboot all the time

I have to constantly re-boot my WD TV Live Hub, I go to play an avi and the screen hangs on the gold arrow cirircl symbol

When pull the power cable from the box and re-boot, the problem goes away

Any thoughts (I’m on the latest firmware)

It sounds like you are playing an avi which the hub thinks is ‘bad’. A ‘bad’ file hangs up the unit and after that it will not play anything until it is rebooted.

Post the mediainfo of the avi.


Out of interest, you have posted on the wrong forum.

You should post at the link below for the hub.



I have exactly the same problem but on the WD TV Live.

The problem not concerne a specific film.  It’s very random. 

I install the latest version of Firmware

Thanks for your help


I think that I found the solution on Internet.

I have a nas Qnap and it seems that there is a probleme with the last firmware.

I rollback to an older firmware…

I will try and I give you some informations