Wd tv live hub dont show movie

Hello everyone!!!

I have problem with my wd tv live hub,before the lastest upadate it was everything ok  with WD tv live hub.Now with new upadate dont show every movie what I have on my ext. wd hd.When turn on a WD tv live hub,in videos show all movie but only for a minute ,and then half of movie are lost ,and half I see,when i Put wext.wd hd in laptop all movies are there.

Any sugest what must to do??

Many Thanks!!!

ps :sorry for english

Edit: problem is resolved by reseting WDtvLive Hub after 20 times,now in video show all movie what I have on hd.

Yup, this is always recommended after doing a firmware update.

Maybe yes ,but i forget to say that I was deleted one movie on the list ,and when deleted other movie are copyed ,like u now see one movie on the list ,and in one second u se 2 the same movie copied on the list,i have 100movie on my list and in one sec 200movie copied lol,The only answer is on/off and when u dont see other replaced movie the problem is resolved hehehe.:dizzy_face: