WD TV Live Hub: also DLNA DMR?

In the current firmware of the WD TV Live Hub, does anybody know if DLNA DMR (used in the Win 7 Play To function) is available? Same as in WD TV Live (Plus)?

Well, play-to works the same… I don’t know if that makes it a DMR or not…

Thanks! We are building an iPhone app for the WD TV Live Family and I didn’t want to buy a Hub as well just to check if is a renderer as well as the Live and the Plus.

(the app will be announced at www.zappo.tv)..)

Link doesnt work   Is this just a way to use an Iphone as a remote?


It is going to be a bit more than just a remote.

Wait and see :wink:

On the note of using it as a DLNA DMR: do you know the model name as stated in the UPnP XML?

For the WD TV Live player, it looks like this:

Western Digital Corporation
WD TV HD Live Media Player

If you have the modelName for the Hub version, I would love to know it. Makes our life a bit easier.