WD TV Live HD Won't Recognize Remote

I checked the current postings and haven’t seen this issue. My WD TV Live HD box will not recognize the remote sometimes.  If I leave a video paused to long, the unit will not work using the remote. There are times when I can’t even cut the unit on with the remote and I have to do the unplug, plug-in/reboot to get the unit to come on. Then once it’s on, I cannot navigate thru the menu items in the box. I have had to knock and peck on the unit until it starts working with the remote. I do not want to keep doing this because I know eventually it will quite working all together. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply. My box is about 6 months old and has given me these issues since shortly after buying the stinking thing. I may not want to call the tech support number because I may not be near as receiving as you were. Hopefully I can get some other comments that may lead to some sort of resolution to this thing. I’m afraid If I have to deal with this issue much longer, the unit will end up in a bunch of pieces on my hardwood floor.