WD TV live hangs after being idle for X minutes


My WD TV live works flawlessly for the most part and it’s an amazing machine.

However, recently I’ve noticed that if I leave the device idle, after a certain time, the screen goes black and I can’t use the device again unless I turn it off and back on. So I wouldn’t say it hangs per se. I can indeed turn it off from the remote. But it’s annoying that it goes “dead” so to speak after being idle for a certain amount of time. Previously, it would just display the screen saver for however long I left it on without using it.

Anyone else experienced this with the latest firmware? Any tips?



If you reset the device, do you experience the same issue?

You mean that you can’t stream anymore with your local network?

the funny thing is that, when this happens, I can still access the WDTV Live via my local network. I.e. I can still transfer files between my PC and the WDTV for example. I just can’t see it on my TV anymore. The screen is black and all I can do is turn it off and then back on.

I don’t know if the firmware update yesterday helps but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

As for resetting it,  I haven’t tried that. I assume by resetting you mean reverting to factory settings…?

To reset just press the side paperclip button for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.