WD TV Live getting covers and info

Hey i just got this nice media player.


My question is can the WD live get all info and cover and so on from imdb for example?

Regards Daniel

OKay now i got some of it to work :slight_smile:

I have added all my folders to my medie labary.

But alot of the movies it is not getting info for? When i click “Get content info” its getting and viola :slight_smile:

But why does it not do it by it self?

Bad metha soruce?

Regards Daniel 

You have to set the SMP to get content automatically.

Go to Setup / System / Get Content Info and set it to Auto.

And I’m not sure what a “metha soruce” is.  If your SMP is on drugs it may be time for an intervention.:smileyvery-happy:

But the source that the meta data is drawn from is 'themoviedb.org" for movies and “thetvdb.com” for TV shows.

haha yea :D… It is on drugs :D 

I mean the place where it gets its conetnt info :wink:

Yea i have tuned on “get content auto” But meny movies there is no contnet.

Another wiird problem. 

I have 4 movie folders on my pc and it is all shared (write/read) 

The 3 of the om 1 drive and 1 folder on another drive. I have added all 4 folders to my libary. But i can only see the 3 folders (witch is on one drive) and when i try to add the 4. folder it sayes that it is allready added to my libary :open_mouth: ?

Regards Daniel

Ok, first.  Slow down a little when typing.:wink:

The reason that it may not be getting the info for some of your movies may be due to your naming convention.  A simple rule of thumb is to keep the naming simple.  If it still can’t find the data, you can look on www.themoviedb.org and see if your movie is added there. This is were it scraps the data from and if your movies are there, then it should be able to get the content info.

If your not seeing one of your folder that you added as a network share, then try clearing the media library.  Go to Setup / System / Media Library / Clear Media Library.  Then press the Home button, wait for it to compile the media library, then see if you can see all your folders.

If that doesn’t work, try completely powering down the SMP.  Hold the Power button on the remote for 5 secs., then power the unit back on.  Wait for it to compile the media library, then see if you can see all your folders.

Hello again.

Excuse my English is not the best.

But just try to write a bit slower :slight_smile:

Uhh I’ve actually tried what you suggest.

First I made a Clear Media Library. But still could not see the drive under “My Media Library” Then I took the power on the WD TV box but still nothing.

I can see it in the “network share”

I can see one of the movies it does not get info on there are 3 different from your link and thanks for it.
I try just to write year after then it may easily find it.

Sincerely, Daniel and thank you

Hey all,

I have a new WDTV Live v3 that I connect to my fileserver running Mezzmo media server.

Files (for the most part) play fine etc and the WDTV can see all the covers for the films and so on… but none of the other data - Mezzmo can pull this from IMDB etc but it’s not showing up on the player.

I’ve set the content settings to Auto on the WDTV, deleted/readded the server but no joy.

Any thoughts? Is it the WDTV or Mezzmo do ya think? Anyone got a similar setup and got this working?

Ahhh it worked with the year :slight_smile:

But the other thing with folders is wildly weird.

I can add let’s say HD is fine. But then when I need to add HD-2 which is on another disk it says that it is already in my Media Library. But if I then remove the HD so I can share HD2. But if I want to add HD then writes that it is a subfolder under a folder already added. Huh?

Okay i found out :smiley:

Now i just have to know.

Is enough to Call the folder with year og HAVE the .mkv file to bee proper name?